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"People can’t only know the taste of sweetness but also bitterness.”
- INFINITE's Nam Woohyun

"Yesterday is only today's memory and tomorrow is today's dream. Let's do our best."
- INFINITE's Jang Dongwoo
"The greatest thing in life is doing what people say you can’t do."
- EXO's Xiumin

Every single thing that is wonderful in your life are there for reasons.
{✿ exo magcon bye}

written: Sunday, 25 May 2014 @ 00:21 ✿
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'Be the girl I will always proud of'

wow i managed to write i mean yeah haha. it has been about five months okay FIVE MONTHS since i wrote something. thanks to my leisure holidays, i able to do some editing. miss it like crazy babeh xx so today is twenty five of may one four. ready or not i am old i mean, i really do :x i'm fourteen! //screamsss. thanks to those who ever taught me good things and be by my side like every 24/7 x) ily bae!

for my crazy-mates who wished for me, i am grateful and thanks a lot xx tasha husna qilaa nisa amir atifah syiidaa nadia nani alya wan syaf daus ily guys to the max. to the galaxy and back :---) i never waited ((and even forgotten my birthdate back these few years)) for today until this year lol i mean yeah its kinda felt special in many ways to be remembered. for my schoolmates, its nice to know you guys! when i intend on quitting, you'll keep on supporting. idk how i could payback your kindness later. my sugarhoneyboo true sahabah im thankful you're still there when i need advices. how i miss the old good days to be here again. to enjoy wisely. to appericiate more. to love sincerely.

i got goosebumps. i am nervous. today is the day. w0w after about two years as ot12, something big had happened. am i oKAY cause' im trembling hard; tears keep fallin'. this aint normal i---

i'm not mentally ready so give me time to talk about this-

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