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"People can’t only know the taste of sweetness but also bitterness.”
- INFINITE's Nam Woohyun

"Yesterday is only today's memory and tomorrow is today's dream. Let's do our best."
- INFINITE's Jang Dongwoo
"The greatest thing in life is doing what people say you can’t do."
- EXO's Xiumin

Every single thing that is wonderful in your life are there for reasons.
{✿ exo magcon bye}

written: Wednesday, 11 December 2013 @ 06:54 ✿
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tired after a few hours writing my first oneshot. sighs i am worried about my writing skills i mean i am not that good in english so i've decided to write things in bahasa but still i don't read malay novels that much lol. well how about a try? i'll try to publish one, originally by me :-)

 haven't done my homeworks yet u____u hamzah wc-ed me, telling that he did the task and i was like- wow i am worser tsk. ikr there's no time left for me enjoying holidays rn. i just hate projects task. hmp btw i asked him to buy me wolf 88 shirt hehehe. well none of my classmates wished me on my birthday and this is sadist eh. 

 whatsup? my fangirling lyfe sucks i mean i used to keep track on rookies groups but yeah too busy to do so. rookies like mr. mr, lc9, history, toppdogg and more are all talented and charming. can't help but to stan them //rlab// listening to history's what am i to you woohoo cool choreo bebeh ;a; staph i need to stop ugh i learnt loyality is important in fangirl lyfe hehe.

 received whatsapp's message from hannani assabri ((ani)) lol she's asking if i need anything from korea omg too much to think idek how to handle this- nani is going to korea tomorrow's night sobbing. i ended up telling her to buy anything for me ((mostly exokissnsd)) i told my mum and she said 'let her be her family is rich you need to start saving from now on do not waste 'em for something unseful.' deep? heh. 
Have a safe journey my babyboo pls keep updating i will always be here waiting for you.
 i've started reading The Opposite of Me novel. sisterhood. this kind of genre is nae-style /o idek when will i finish my reading i mean yeah sem break gonna be over soon. tasha tweeted, she was doing her revision on biology and maths wow i feel burdens. how can i laike her u_u

say hi to jaehyung he look alike youngmin with his new hair *o*
STATUS: a-jax's night time restaurant.


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