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"People can’t only know the taste of sweetness but also bitterness.”
- INFINITE's Nam Woohyun

"Yesterday is only today's memory and tomorrow is today's dream. Let's do our best."
- INFINITE's Jang Dongwoo
"The greatest thing in life is doing what people say you can’t do."
- EXO's Xiumin

Every single thing that is wonderful in your life are there for reasons.
{✿ exo magcon bye}

written: Monday, 9 December 2013 @ 23:14 ✿
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i made a new blog wooohooooo //claps// lol bukan apa pun act. dah fed up dengan account lama asyik masuk tak masuk last last buat account sendiri pfft. lagipun, blog lama tu banyak sangat benda pelik aku post HAHAHAHAHA walaupun mulanya dari U-Kiss Challenges. tak pasal pasal ada orang baca lebih baik aku tukar semuanya dulu lol. 

well i am the same 'me'. tak banyak berubah pun dari cara berblogging or whatever. tahu tak berapa lama siapkan template baru? dekat sebulan ugh ;n; bila nak start main coding ada jelah benda tak kena. hujanlah apalah. lepastu dua minggu lepas kena hiatus, exam sdka. then minggu lepas balik kampung, ada kenduri. memang taklah nak ada internet access ;-; pagi tadi je dah pasang niat memang nak edit punya edit, non-stop. glad mom didn't scold me AHA I just took my bath ;p 

isnt this template pretty? hehe thanks to eonnie pika for contributing omg i just love all of her works- well pls and pls do not take out anything from this blog without my permission sobbing i put all my ideas for it. ikr none of these stuff here are good enough for y'all since yours are alot beautifur hehe. 

want to exchange links? do it on my cbox juseyo ;A; visit my faqs and biography section for more info about mahself ((to those who don't know me well)). i'm friendly though so do poke me :-) 
Miracle in December album released.
SCREAAAAAAAMS. ppl keep posting about their albums and bla bla bla omg- NO. confused. tak tahu nak beli apa. mula mula dah cakap dengan mak nak beli merch je untuk sem depan tapi bila album dah release terliur pulak weh omg pls pls pls unboxing videoooooo. photobook lawa lahsia u_u nak mintak dua dua kang rasa membazir pulak. kalau nanti nanti bolehlah uhm mom.

yes, i do cry. chanyeol's voice in the star touched my heart. when i first listen to it i was like 'UGH THIS FAKIN ALBUM I NEED TO HAVE ONE' srsly chanbaek feels ;a; im going to buy them either next year or this sem break sighs money pls keep falling.

that's it for now lol i'm busy ((not with homeworks cuz im not doing until the last day rn)) now with the novels u___u


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